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Lead Paint Disclosure           

If you are considering buying a home (or renovating a home ) built prior to 1978 the following is very important:

Homes and apartments built prior to 1978 have paint that the EPA reports as having high levels of lead and are considered to be a health risk if precautions are not taken when handling the materials. Lead-based paint is no longer made, but in home built prior to 1978 it was an added ingredient of paint.
Sellers must disclose any known information they may have about the lead in their homes. Sales contracts must have the disclosure form signed by buyer. **The buyers have 10 days to check for lead.
There are opinions about lead that range from strong to not so concerning. The EPA fact sheet states that Lead exposure is a true concern for unborn babies, and young children.
Breathing / swallowing paint dust is one way to ingest hazardous lead.
To reduce the hazard there are EPA guidelines to follow in lead-paint removal.

* it is also noted that intact lead paint usually is not a hazard.
for more information:

http://www.cpsc.gov   and   http://www.epa.gov/lead

Landlords also have to disclose as well as home renovators...Know your rights !

for a free brochure, email me and I will get one to you.


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